The Problem

Are your students leaving school with the essential life skills required for them to fully unlock their potential?

The Strive Platform Empowers Students to Develop their Personal, Social & Financial Skills

Strive Teaching’s vision is to create a quality service that allows students to leave school with a portfolio of an education. That is, to plant the foundation for the many ‘life skills’ needed to serve a student’s future self.

Strive is focused on providing and measuring enterprise skills to high school students years 7-12. The new Australian curriculum (version 9.0) has detailed the ‘general learning capabilities’ that schools should deliver such as: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capabilities and Intercultural Understanding. This progresses through to Strive’s online programs of employability and financial literacy courses in years 10-12.

Recognising that teachers were taking on the burden of teaching these skills in addition to their already crammed and busy schedule, made Strive think about how to provide value to not only the student but to the school. Additionally, from their experience as students, the team at Strive fundamentally understands what a young person not only wants but needs!

Therefore, the Strive team built an online platform as a way for students to learn the knowledge that would help them navigate independence and get a kickstart on their career. With this goal in mind, Strive aligned themselves with industry partners to gain recognition for the ‘future ready’ skills young students need. This provides the greatest value to a student as they leave school with a credential supported by their future employers!

Find Out How Strive Teaching Can Empower Your Students With Essential Real Life Skills