Innovating Schools mission is to help make schools the best they can be for the benefit of their students and parent community.

We do this by working with Australian companies who have a focus on the education sector and have developed innovative products and services that:

  • Assist schools to grow their enrolment numbers
  • Improve the wellbeing and safety of both students and staff
  • Enable schools to become resource smart and reduce their energy costs

Damien Cairns, the founder of Innovating Schools, has worked in the state and private education sector for 30 years. Working in both the finance and marketing divisions of banking and buying groups has enabled Damien to gain a great insight into what is available to schools to support their students to become respectful, well-educated and happy adults.

Damien has also been a School Business Manager and is on School Boards, so it is important that the companies he works with are highly regarded and provide unconditional support for their products and services.

Damien Cairns - Innovating Schools

Damien Cairns, founder Innovating Schools