What is SchoolData?

SchoolData is a cloud-based solution that re-imagines the timetable process. With SchoolData, the Timetabler will spend a lot less hours constructing the timetable and more time consulting. The process is streamlined and automated so there are no written notes or clunky spreadsheets required.

School Data Staff Loads

Staff loads screen

Teacher allocation screen

What SchoolData offers to improve the timetabling process

  • Reduces the time taken to complete a timetable, in many cases by hundreds of hours.

  • Optimised teacher loads resulting in reduced class costs.

  • Online student recommendations process so students get the right subjects more often.

  • Instant class costs reports giving yearly comparisons.

  • Greater consultation with teachers and leadership team.

  • Instant assessment of senior grids to determine whether all students can get their preferences.

  • Online load dissemination; no more mail merges.

  • Additional time to roll out end of year transition programs.

  • Support from an experienced Timetabler.

School Testimonials

With SchoolData, I can staff classes and see the loads created automatically before my eyes.

Janine Biggin - Deputy Principal: Teaching and Learning , St John’s Regional College

The SchoolData site has significantly reduced the time it takes to staff our classes and enabled us to more accurately balance loads.

Rose Connolly – Deputy Principal: Learning & Innovation, Emmanuel College

I always have SchoolData open on my Desktop. Whether I’m responding to load queries or planning to replace teachers on leave, it’s my go-to for anything to do with Timetable Data.

Tom Ryan – Deputy Principal: Staff and Operations , De La Salle College
Find Out How SchoolData Can Dramatically Improve Your Schools Timetabling Process