DiGii Social – Social Media with Training Wheels

DiGii Social is a safe and experiential cyber-education environment that teaches Year 5 and 6 students to be safe, civil and savvy online. With every keystroke, as students play, they learn – and because that learning is self-directed with it’s own natural consequences – it sticks!

DiGii Social devices

Cyber-education that’s a fun, engaging and comprehensive solution

On a social media-like platform, children play and learn with their classmates, with the latest in Artificial Intelligence analysing and moderating their picture and word content. Children’s choices determine whether they get a Strike – or a warning – with 3 Strikes leading to watching an action-related animation that teaches the skills to outstanding digital citizenship. Aligned to the curriculum and covering protective behaviours, DiGii Social saves teachers precious time by providing fun and automated learning that ticks all the boxes.

What does DiGii Social do for schools?

Time is a precious commodity in schools, with much of that taken up with educators and leaders sorting out problems that started in digital life at home and then ended up in the classroom. DiGii Social gives teachers time back by teaching Year 5 and 6 students how to be safe, civil and savvy online, ticking all the Personal and Social Capabilities and Protective Behaviours education boxes along the way. And it happens at the push of a button – no more to do.

School Testimonials

DiGii Social provides an authentic and meaningful experience for our Years 5 and 6 students to learn the skills of digital citizenship in a safe and supported manner. DiGii Social is fun, engaging and real and the students love it!”

Katie P - Head of Junior School, Perth College, WA

Thanks for making an amazing platform. The excitement from the kids and the lessons they learn, are very valuable for them.

The Year 6 pupils were immediately engaged. Very quickly, we saw the programme start to work. It was great to see them have fun and learn really important lessons.

Joanna C – Deputy Head, Framlingham College, UK

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